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New Azerbaijan Party holds conference titled 'At the junction of East and West: New Energy and Communication Opportunities' - UPDATED


"Measures are being taken to benefit from the transit potential of our republic by the means of modern transport logistics networks and services", Head of Azerbaijan Railways Javid Gurbanov said at the conference titled "At the junction of East and West: New Energy and Communication Opportunities" organized by the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in Baku, APA reports.


According to him, the railway, sea, automobile, air and pipeline routes are being explored to ensure the integration of national transport system into the international transport system.


Gurbanov noted that the measures taken in the country’s transport sector expand the country's participation opportunities in transit cargos.


He added that Azerbaijan is considered the most important country located in the crossroad:" One of the main goals is to turn the budget’s proceeds obtained from the transit services into the main source of income by ensuring efficient use of the opportunities created by the crossroads”.


The official part of the conference is over.


The event was continued with an artistic section.




The New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) organized a conference titled "At the junction of East and West: New Energy and Communication Opportunities" in Baku.


The conference is attended by party leaders, government members, heads of local organizations and MPs, APA reports.


Speaking at the event, Ali Ahmadov, deputy prime minister, deputy chairman-executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) spoke about the dividends distributed to Azerbaijan by the global energy and transportation projects implemented with country’s initiative in recent years. He noted that these projects serve the improvement of the people's welfare.


Stating that the conference was being held on a significant day Ahmadov noted that December 24 is the birthday of President Ilham Aliyev. "I congratulate President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the people of Azerbaijan and the New Azerbaijan Party. I wish our President a firm state of health. The next presidential election will be held in Azerbaijan in 2018 - in just 10 months. The high authority, rating of President Ilham Aliyev, unequivocal support of the people to the policy implemented by him, serious positive changes taking place in Azerbaijan and the increasing role of Azerbaijan in the world provide a high chance of our president's election. I believe that after the presidential elections in 2018, we will hold next December's conference under the historic joy of our new victory," he said.


The conference continues.


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