10:12 23 July

Ali Hasanov comments on Helsinki Commission hearings on Azerbaijan

On May 9, the U.S. Helsinki Commission, characterized by its “special interest” in Azerbaijan, held regular hearings regarding the election and fundamental freedoms in the country, Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov said in his Facebook page on May 10.


“I’d like to remind that back in December 2016, chairman of this Commission, Congressman Chris Smith put forward a bill providing for harsh sanctions against Azerbaijan,” Ali Hasanov said. “The provisions of this draft law were aimed at seriously undermining the US-Azerbaijani relations in the economic, political and military spheres. This is the very Smith, who for a long time has shown special zeal for the U.S. government to recognize the so-called "Armenian genocide".”


According to the presidential assistant, it is no coincidence that these hearings have also been arranged by the commission [Chris Smith] is in charge of.


"The event was attended by people who closely watched the processes in our country as well as some “experts”, known for their anti-Azerbaijani position for various reasons. A “compatriot” of ours who has established an information resource outside of Azerbaijan at the expense of foreign grants and donations and who published an article on that information resource calling for recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide” has raised the issue of imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan again, criticizing Azerbaijan’s lobbyist activities and calling on the U.S. and the EU to exert pressure on our country,” he said.  


According to Hasanov, it is strange that someone who is known for his vulgar speech, offensive rhetoric, and a bizarre hairstyle uncharacteristic of Azerbaijanis has also been invited to that event.


“Unaware of what he speaks, this person accuses Western countries of maintaining normal relations with the Azerbaijani government. He almost portrays as a tragedy the fact that the European Union, leading countries of Europe and the United States sent congratulatory letters to Mr Ilham Aliyev following the early presidential election. I regret to tell you that some of our compatriots abroad have turned into tools in the hands of anti-Azerbaijan circles. I would like to say to them: stop following this path,” he noted.









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/ 23 July , 2018