Azerbaijani MFA releases information on preparation for presidential election

Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions and consulates are taking the necessary actions for holding the presidential election, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told APA.


For this purpose, a working group of employees of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been established and the work is being coordinated with the Central Election Commission.


According to Article 2.3 of the Election Code, the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan should facilitate the exercise of the rights of Azerbaijani citizens residing outside the country, which are enshrined in Articles 3 and 56 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with regard to the holding of elections and referendums.


At the same time, according to Article 4.12 of the "Regulations on the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan" approved with the Presidential Decree No. 532 dated February 26, 2007, the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall assist citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan in exercising their electoral rights.


According to Article 35.6 of the Election Code, election precincts, which are established for the collection and counting of votes of voters outside the country on Voting Day, shall be created by the heads of diplomatic missions or consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan at least 30 days prior to Voting Day, in the territories where such voters reside, provided the number of voters registered with the consulate is more than 50.


In this regard, there are instructions on the organization of presidential elections and referendum of Azerbaijan outside the country, which was approved by the Central Election Commission’s (CEC) decision No 4/25 of 27 June 2003.


On the initiative of the Central Election Commission, a training session will be held on March 13 with the participation of CEC members and the members of the relevant working group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exchange methodological experience in connection with the upcoming presidential election. 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already submitted to the Central Election Commission the information on the number of voters, who have reached the voting age of 18, currently registered at Azerbaijani diplomatic missions and consulates.


Forty-one polling stations will be created in 32 countries in connection with the April 11 presidential election in Azerbaijan.   



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