10:12 23 July

Palestinian ambassador: Trump ‘added fuel to the fire’ - INTERVIEW

APA presents an interview with Palestinian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nasser Abdul Kareem


Q: Mr. Ambassador, as you know, the United States opened its embassy in al-Quds (Jerusalem) yesterday. First of all, we would like to know your views in this regard.


A: This step by the U.S. set a dangerous precedent, which is a gross violation of international law, the UN resolutions and the official obligations of the United States. The U.S. has demonstrated its support for the Israeli racist, right-wing regime represented by the government of Netanyahu, who does not recognize the Palestinian people's right to live their homeland. Additionally, this step is a total disrespect to the feelings of millions of Muslims, Christians, and adherents of justice throughout the world.


Q: There were clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians on the Gaza Strip. How do you feel about this confrontation that killed and wounded a large number of Palestinians?


A: Yesterday was a sad day as the world witnessed a brutal massacre from the Israeli army, which is the world's fifth mightiest army and is backed by the world’s most powerful country. That was the direct result of what happened in al-Quds as well as of the celebration of the decision to move the American embassy. If this brutal massacre was committed under the same conditions by another country, then the world would have behaved in a different way and would never remain silent. However, Israel is immunity under the U.S. protection.


Q: The international community condemned the opening of the U.S. Embassy in al-Quds. What can you say about that?


A: All wise people in the world have warned the U.S. president that this decision will give a powerful impetus to the Israeli government and extremist forces in the region, and will jeopardize peace, regional and global security. Nevertheless, this decision has no legal force and will change nothing in the issue of al-Quds. But what everyone was afraid of happened. Donald Trump ‘added fuel to the fire’, and yesterday we all witnessed the beginning of clashes that occurred due to this decision.


Q: Ho do you assess Azerbaijan’s position on the issue of al-Quds?


A: Azerbaijan’s position on the issue of al-Quds has always been clear. This position was once again confirmed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s participation in the OIC extraordinary summit on the issue of al-Quds in Istanbul. At the summit President Ilham Aliyev stressed the importance of al-Quds for Muslims as the capital of Palestine. We highly value Azerbaijan’s brotherhood and noble position.


Q: Finally, what steps will the Palestinian government take on this issue?


A: Palestine, together with Arab, Islamic states and the international community, will object to this decision and work to initiate the peace process based on international law. Having renounced the U.S. mediation as it choose to be part of the problem, we will resort to all available non-violent, legal, political, diplomatic and other means.



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