10:15 20 July

The General Prosecutor's Office takes the investigation of the suicide attempt of the IDP under special control

The leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office took on special control the investigation of the suicide attempt of the internally displaced person from Agdam region Huseynov Vilayat Barat oglu, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office told APA.


Internally displaced person from the Agdam region Gasimov Mutalib Sary oglu, who lived in the village of Shahsevan Tezekend of the Agjabadi region, on May 1 of this year called the service "102" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and reported the theft of one cattle from pasture. In fact, a criminal case was opened in the investigative department of the Agjabedi district police department. The applicant Gasimov Mutalib informed that he is suspected of the theft of a forced migrant from the Agdam region Huseynov Vilayat Barat oglu, who is currently living in the village of Shahsevan Tezekend of the Agjabedi district. To take testimony in the case, V.Huseynov was invited to the department on May 10 and 27, but the latter evaded the investigation without presenting any reasons. After that on May 30, at about 12.55, he, having poured a combustible mixture before the reception of the Prosecutor General's Office, set fire to his clothes. However, the sucide attempt was prevented as a result of the intervention of police officers, who carried out the protection of the building and public order.

After providing emergency medical care, V.Huseynov was placed in the burn department of hospital №5.

During the investigation it was established that V. Huseynov had not previously applied to the Prosecutor General's Office in connection with the dissatisfaction with the investigation in the above case. It should be noted that V. Huseynov was previously tried for theft and by decision of the Agdam District Court of February 1, 2013, he was taken to registration in Agdam interdistrict psychiatric hospital with the use of compulsory outpatient observation and psychiatric illness against him.

These features are taken under the special control of the leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office, specific instructions are given to investigate the reasons for the attempted suicide.

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