10:18 17 July
10:15 17 July

APA Holding president meets with director general of Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry’s Foreign Media Department

President of APA Holding Vusala Mahirqizi met with Director General of the Foreign Media Department of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Jafar Safi in Tehran.


The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 23rd International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies that was officially inaugurated in Iran’s capital on Saturday, an APA correspondent reported from Tehran.


Jafar Safi expressed his satisfaction with the APA Holding president’s participation in the exhibition.


He noted that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is ready to establish direct relations with the Azerbaijani media.


Recalling that the days of Azerbaijani culture were recently held in Tehran, the director general stressed the importance of organizing such events in the future.  


Jafar Safi said that the press plays a great role in bringing closer the relations between the two countries.  


“Some countries are trying to create a disagreement between Iran and Azerbaijan, which are the two friendly countries. But Iran sincerely wants to further develop its ties with Azerbaijan,” he said.  


Jafar Safi went on to say that he is informed about APA Holding’s plan to sign cooperation agreements with some Iranian media outlets. He expressed hope that these agreements will contribute to further development of relations between APA and the Iranian media.


In turn, APA Holding President Vusala Mahirqizi expressed gratitude for the invitation to the exhibition in Tehran.


“I’m very glad to attend this exhibition in Tehran. This is my first visit to Iran. I hope that such meetings will promote the dissemination of accurate news in the media of both countries,” said Mahirqizi noting that the well-organization of the exhibition and press activity aroused her interest.


The APA Holding president expressed hope that closer relations between the press agencies of Azerbaijan and Iran will in turn boost ties between the two countries.


At the end of the meeting, Jafar Safi briefed the APA Holding president on the static data in the field of publications and press in Iran.



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/ 18 July , 2018