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While you don’t know your weak point, it will be difficult to be stronger - OPINION

Samaya Mammadova, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Youth and Sports

SWOT or mechanism to be stronger


There is a phrase that we often heard in our childhood from our parents at home, and from our teachers at school: “Work on yourself continuously. Work, so you can be stronger. Work on yourself for being an expert, professional in your life and job”. Actually, regardless of profession, I have never understood the ones who always stay at the same position, constantly do the same work, and waiting for 6:00 to go home. In my opinion, individual has to make a plan for several years (min 5 years), and continuously work in this direction, read, and realize this plan through acquisition of innovations. In short, I will not be mistaken if I say that people have to be ambitious. However, on the way of realization of yourself there is an important opportunity that must be considered: strong and weak sides. An individual should know what he is able to do, his potential, so he will build pyramid from downside to upside, not from upside to downside.


Actually today I will not talk about what an individual should do for increasing his career opportunities. I will talk about finding weak and strong sides of the companies we are working for, and the projects that we realise, and the chances that we get, also get rid of obstacles that we face. In short I will talk about SWOT


 SWOT -  S (Strength -  strong sides of project or company), W (Weaknesses -  Weak sides of Project or company), O (Opportunities – opportunities that we get from project), T (Threats – therats that project or company face during the the project)


              Way to SWOT


Way to SWAT firstly passes through correct, and deeply integrated analysis, and research. Indeed, writing articles about this topic is interesting, at the same time as responsible as it is. Since PR Professionals very well know that, all of these explanations should be based on an experience, and complete each other with the theory.


So, lets look at the preparing to the VI international Teenagers Science Olympiad which organized in first time in our country in 2009( 7 years ago), and plans of the events which realized during the Olympiad


              General information about the event


The 10-day olympiad will be held on physics, chemistry and biology, between 15-year-old junior. More than 600 students and their teachers from 49 countries have already applied to participate in the VI International Junior Science Olympiad. The logo of the Olympiad is "Buta", which is very familiar Turkic world, Eastern-Asian countries, and includes itself language of fire, flower, starting of life, power to progress, and change.


The event is supported by the Government of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev Foundation, IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad) and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The First Lady of Azerbaijan, president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva will chair the event. Previous 5 Olympiad was held in (2008th) Indonesia, Brazil (2004, 2005) (the 2006), Taiwan, (2007th) Korea. At the same time, the Olympiad established a Working group with the participation of the representatives of Education and Science Committees, bodies responsible for holding order to prepare for the Olympics.


Note that rector of ADA University Hafiz Pashayev leads to scientific committee of Olympiad, and the minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov leads to Organizational committee. The working staff of the Olympic games began operations in march this year. Regards to the question which will be asked in the Olympics, with the participation of national experts theoretical and experimental tasks, test were developed on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There is special program for students, their teacher(leaders), and observers (who will visit Azerbaijan) to discover history and culture of Azerbaijan. 100 volunteers were selected, and or them has passed additional courses. 


             I Stage – Analysis


Global Importance of projects and interest to the project

  • The role of Azerbaijan in this project
  •  What will this Olympiad give to the participants?
  •  Analysis of organization level of previous Olympiads, and innovations in the Olympiad in Azerbaijan
  • Countries will participate in Olympiad
  • The students and teachers that will join the Olympiad
  • The level of the questions prepared
  • Program prepared for teachers and participants, who will


Phase 1 is called "Creative search" by PR specialists at the same time. The purpose of this analysis is to learn whole details about the topic and find answers to the “What?”. “Where?”,” When?”, “How?”, “Why?”, “Who?”. In this section by understanding what is right, what is wrong, it is possible to eliminate problems in first stage. Here, the media plan can freely be prepared by determining the importance of the Olympics.


             Stage II: The strategy


  •  Discovering the purpose and the aim for yourself
  •  Determining the people that we are going to co-operate
  •  preparing resources for delivering project to the Media
  • Determining the topics which will be provided to the public during the Olympiad
  • Clarifying the overall strategy and approach


Or "Search Program" step. This Stage is aimed to develop well-informed Olympiad. The main objectives of the strategy are to answer 3 questions: "Who", "What"?? And "What"? For example, I will work with whom in this Olympiad which will start on 2nd December 2009, and will continue for 10 days.  How do I contact them? I will stay in touch basically with which individuals? What is the main details in the events’ plan of Olympics, and how I will pass them to participants, and spectator auditorium?


           Stage III – Execution



  • Tactical program (detailed program)
  • Time sharing
  •  The resources


 The stage of monitoring or execution can be measured as how well the project is acting on the rails. The main questions of this section is: "What"? And "How’. In this more detail needed stage I should work on daily briefings and press conferences related to 10-day Olympics, pass daily information to the media, print of daily bulletin, creating list of the people who will give interview, determining photo and video tour, taking comments from teachers and students, and etc. However, in comparison with strategy every single nuance must be prepared more detailed.  Gantt Schedule which was talked about in previous article is more suitable for this section.


            Stage IV – Evaluation


  • General evaluation of the project


Specifically, the project worked out the correct way to analyze the above-mentioned steps, almost being ready of a very large part of the work creates a guarantor.

This step is essential to determine how much left to reach the goal. There are some primary questions: “What?” and “Why”. What did we aim? What did we do right or wrong and what result did we get? Why was this step strong, why was this step weak?






  • The chairman of the meeting is Mehriban Aliyeva who is the first lady of the country.
  • Olympics are being held at the international level
  • There are more than 600 students and their teachers from 49 countries
  • The Scientific Committee of the Olympics is chaired by Hafiz Pashayev who is the rector of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and the Organizing Committee is chaired by Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov



  • There could be some gaps because it was the first time implementation of such a project
  • The lack of the necessary infrastructure for the International Science Olympiad
  • The lack of specialists in their field and also the lack of the teachers who has less language knowledge
  • Being far away from school curricula of academic and professor staffs



-    Based on international experience in the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology, the possibility of introducing innovations, and adding them to the education system

-    Selecting young talented Azerbaijanis and presenting them in International arena.


-      Because of different education system in 49 different countries, the indifference of opinion while preparing questions.

-      Any dangerous incident should occur while the chemical procedures.

-      Probability of passing of questions to the students from teachers.



 (PS: After this Olympiad, based on the gained experience, Ministry of Youth and Sport organized several Science Olympiads at high level. The teenagers who participated in the Olympiad get great success in their education, and successfully participated in several projects)


The SWOT that I presented was just an example to help you understand it detailed and precisely. As one of the geniuses said: power is known during the attack, not during the defense. So let your SWOT be powerful.



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