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“Georgian expert card” against Georgia - ANALYSIS

Why do international organizations use Georgian experts against Azerbaijan?

Baku – APA. Relying on liberal values, international human rights organizations state the inadmissibility of national and ethnic factors in their activities, especially in the selection of personnel. However, this is just a word. In fact, ethnicity is one of the main tools for these organizations to reach their goals. Frequent use of Georgian experts in anti-Azerbaijan campaigns in international public opinion is just one proof.


The truth is that - Georgian experts of international organizations are now being used to form an anti-Azerbaijan public opinion in foreign countries. Amnesty International representative Natalia Nozadze, Transparency International representatives George Chanturia, Luke Kalandarishvili, Magda Jimsheleishvili, Tamar Tatanashvili, Human Rights Watch representative Georgi Gogia and Reporters Without Borders representative Berulava are each aimed at forming an anti-Azerbaijan public opinion on a global scale. Is it possible that the presence of Georgian experts behind campaigns launched against our country, in other word, the handover of this role to Georgians is a coincidence? Unlikely…Analysis on the activities of these organizations indicates that the use of “Georgian card” is purposeful and has three objectives.  


The first and unchangeable objective is to form a biased public opinion about Azerbaijan. And involvement of Georgian experts in this job is to make anti-Azerbaijan propaganda look unbiased. That is, Georgian experts are well familiar with neighboring Azerbaijan and thus their assessment would be more objective compared to that of a Polish or Dutch expert.


The second objective is much more extensive. The role of Georgian experts in anti-Azerbaijan campaigns is likely to strain relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia. The two countries have quite close political and economic relations. A number of energy projects implemented in the region also rely on Azerbaijan-Georgia partnership. Sides uninterested in these projects are doing whatever it takes to harm bilateral relations. 


The third objective is that the centers which are engaged in forming an anti-Azerbaijani opinion intends to camouflage themselves. That is, an anti-Azerbaijani activity of a Georgian expert within organizations such as “Freedom House”, “Human Rights Watch”, “Transparency International” and “Reporters Without Borders” can create a public opinion that he/she acts in the name of the Georgian state.  


The incident involving Georgian citizen Giorgi Gogia, Human Rights Watch representative, confirms the above. Media which is under the direct or indirect control of the organization is trying to cover the incident in a biased and different context. This approach shows that the goal is not to investigate any particular incident. The “international media”, committed true to its course, once again seeks to form an anti-Azerbaijani opinion and undermine the relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia.   


The true essence of the tendentious policy against Azerbaijan must be a message to Georgia. Having serious and seemingly long-lasting problems with Russia, this country is sustaining itself with political and economic support from Azerbaijan (also Turkey). Playing a crucial role in energy supply to Georgia, Azerbaijan is of huge importance to this country in terms of its economy and the tourism and service sectors. Finally, Georgia is able to benefit from its transit capabilities merely thanks to Azerbaijan’s global energy and transport projects. Without Azerbaijan, these capabilities are equal to zero. Of course, both countries benefit from these projects thanks to features of the region. But unlike Georgia, there are always alternatives for Azerbaijan. Tbilisi needs or even obliged to consider these factors. Therefore, Georgia must understand the true essence of use of its experts in anti-Azerbaijan campaigns and avoid taking actions that can damage our relations. Most importantly, Tbilisi should state that international organizations basically aim to spoil Azerbaijan-Georgia relations. And it is upon Georgian experts to tell their community what would it coast Georgia if relations with Azerbaijan are damaged. By experts, we mean patriotic experts, not the ones manipulated by international organizations...


Vugar Masimoghlu, APA-Analytics


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