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Palestinian Death Toll in Gaza Rises to 59 - UPDATED

The number of Palestinians killed in the latest clashes with the Israeli forces in Gaza has increased to 59, including an 8-month-old child, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, APA reports quoting sputniknews.


Mass protests erupted in Gaza in light of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel and the opening of the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.


"An 8-month-old girl… died after breathing a gas in Gaza's east," the ministry said.


Earlier, Gaza Healthcare Ministry spokesman Ashraf Qidra told Sputnik that the Palestinian death toll from Israeli forces' gunfire during Monday's protests in the Gaza Strip had risen to 55 people.


"The final death toll from the Israeli aggression today is 55 people including seven underage children, and one woman," Qidra said, adding that 2,771 Palestinians were injured.

In total, 104 Palestinians were killed and over 12,000 others were wounded by the Israeli forces since March 30, when the wave of anti-Israeli protests began along the Gaza border, Qidra added.


The clashes between the Palestinian rioters and the Israeli forces in Gaza intensified on Monday amid the opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem, which was held earlier in the day.






Some 55 were killed and 2,700 wounded by Israeli troops, Palestinian officials said, on the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war, APA reports quoting BBC.


The Palestinian Authority's leader condemned a "massacre". The UN spoke of "outrageous human rights violations".


The violence came as the US opened a controversial embassy in Jerusalem.


The move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv has incensed Palestinians, who claim eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.


They see the US move as backing Israeli control over the whole of the city, which Israel regards as its indivisible capital.


Palestinians were demonstrating on Monday as they have been for six weeks as part of a protest, orchestrated by Gaza's Islamist rulers Hamas, called the "Great March of Return".


However, Monday's protests - and more planned for Tuesday - are the culmination, as they mark the anniversary of Israel's creation in 1948 and what Palestinian's term the Nakba or Catastrophe, referring to the hundreds of thousands of their people who subsequently fled their homes or were displaced in the war that followed.

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