10:22 25 June

Russia knows perpetrators of attack on its bases in Syria, it's not Turkey - Putin

President Vladimir Putin meets executive editors of Russian print media and news agencies, APA reports quoting Sputnik.


Putin's meeting with media representatives in the wake of the upcoming Russia's Press Day is set to discuss current trends in the field of media.


On the Recent Attack on Russian Base in Syria


While speaking about the recent drone attack on Russian military base in Syria, Vladimir Putin said that he believed Turkey had nothing to do with the issue amid the reports that alleged, the drones had been delivered from Turkey.


The attack was a provocation, aimed at undermining Russia's relations with partners, including Turkey, Vladimir Putin said, adding that Russia had taken additional measures to protect its military facilities in Syria.


On Relations With the US


The US is constantly attempting to interfere in internal affairs of other countries and consider this a normal practice, Vladimir Putin said, adding that the US itself behaved aggressively in response to rumors of Russia's alleged interference in the US 2016 presidential election.


The Russian president has reiterated his position, saying that claims of Russian interference in the latest US elections were nonsense, adding that the anti-Russian card has repeatedly been played to threaten Donald Trump with impeachment.


While speaking about the relations between the US and Russia, Vladimir Putin said that Russia was ready to improve the bilateral relations, but a lot depended on the US itself. At the same time, Putin noted that any illegal unilateral sanctions against Russia by Washington would deteriorate bilateral relations.


On the North Korean Issue


The Russian president pointed out that North Korea must be convinced that its security was guaranteed even without the possession of nuclear weapons. At the same time, Putin noted that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a competent and mature politician.


On the Upcoming Presidential Election in Russia


Vladimir Putin assessed positively the fact that he would face 15 rivals during the 2018 presidential elections in Russia. While answering the question on Washington's criticism of election run ban of Russia's opposition figure Aleksei Navalny, Vladimir Putin said that the US was making a mistake by putting bets on their own candidates. 


According to the Russian president, no country likes, when other states meddle in their internal affairs, including elections.

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